Kaleidoscope Trio

The Kaleidoscope Trio was incorporated in september 2018 and is formed by Isabel Rico (piano and flute), Guy Foret (clarinet) and Hannah Heim (bassoon). All the members studied at the Conservatorium Maastricht. Although they have the city and music as a common point, each of them has a different background, culture and different perspectives of music and life. Looking at our divers society Kaleidoscope trio wants to encourage with its music to be open and curious about other peoples reality and to share the personal point of view. It is convinced that music can cross borders and connect people that normally wouldn’t spent much time together and that getting to know other perspectives enriches our lives.

The aims of this trio are to bring music to everybody, especially people who normally don’t have the oportunity to listen to clasical music; be in contact with different point of views and make a new experience with each concert.

In consequence Kaleidoscope trio doesn’t only plan to play concerts in theaters, churches and concert halls but it also organizes houseconcerts, visits schools and plays for social acts as Holocoust homages, Homeless benefit acts, blind people. With this motivation its line of performance is very unique.

In addition, this formation is not very typical and the repertory is limitted. From the beginning one of the goals of Kaleidoscope trio was to get to know this program and the combination of the instruments.

Three people, three countries and three instruments are waiting for you to take part of Kaleidoscope experience.

Email: triokaleidoscope@gmail.com
Facebook page: Kaleidoscope Trio