Limburgs Jeugd Symfonieorkest

The aim of Youth Orchestra Amikejo is to enable young musicians from the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion to play together in a high-standard fully-fledged symphony orchestra.

In the start-up phase, Maastricht will be the base for the area that includes Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen, Hasselt, Aachen and Liège, the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg, the Province of Liège, the German-speaking community in Belgium and the Aachen region.

The challenge is to encourage young talent and to develop a breeding ground for orchestral playing. The programmes will be organised in the form of projects and will be based on adventurous themes specially selected by the artistic director, Samuel Aguirre Guerra.

The playing level will be between that of a local and national youth orchestra. The target group includes secondary school pupils and young students. The core of the orchestra will consist of students preparing for conservatory training, supplemented by young talented people from music schools or private education and students who have recently started their conservatory training.