Brundibár Opera

For the national thematic year Commemorating and celebrating 75 years of liberation, Limburg music associations are joining forces to pay attention to peace and freedom through music. Music unites people, connects and unites. With the show "Freedom" that they create together, full of musical variety, we celebrate freedom, commemorate the past and make connections with the present and the future.

The youth opera Brundibár was written by Czech composer Hans Krása and was performed by Jewish children in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II. In this performance, Brundibár is played again by the Limburg Choir School, directed by Marleen Everink. Children and young people between 9 and 19 years play opera. The direction is in the hands of Dönci Bánki and the Limburg Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Samuel Agustín Aguirre Guerra provides musical accompaniment.

Together with the Kumulus Music School, the Limburg Choir School developed a set of teaching materials in which World War II is linked to music. You can view and download this package through:
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